Steve and I are working away at our 13 in 13 List (you can read about it here) and with summer just around the corner we decided to check off another one of our 9 fitness challenges. A few weeks ago we did seven days straight of yoga, which was totally my speed. For this challenge we decided to try out Crossfit for a month. If you guessed that this was Steve’s idea, well, you would be correct.

There’s a gym a few blocks away and I somewhat reluctantly went to the intro class last week. It was hard. Really hard! It left me slightly terrified and extremely sore- but also intrigued! The workout we did was only 15 minutes and yet it was one of the hardest workouts I have ever done. I felt it for days. Even though being sore is sub-awesome, it is also nice to know that you are clearly pushing your body. So, here goes! We are aiming to attend 3 or 4 classes a week for 4 weeks. Wish me (and my sore limbs) luck!

love and candy,