I thought it would be good time for an update since we are about one month into our 13 in 13 challenge. We haven’t crossed off any major items yet, but we are slowly making progress and having a lot of fun doing it. We recently finished 1/9 Physical Challenges with our seven day yoga challenge. It was hard but very rewarding, you can read all about it here.

We also knocked out 3/12 new recipes
homemade meals
Lastly we crossed off 2/13 downtown LA restaurants. We went to Roy’s and Shojin, which are on very different ends of the cuisine spectrum. Roy’s is a steak and seafood spot so we chowed down on filet and souffle and some fun cocktails. At Shojin on the other hand, all of the meat on the menu had quotations on it.. aka it was all vegan! The food was really tasty, but we didn’t know it was Vegan until we were sitting at the table so we got a good laugh out of it. I ended up with some ramen and Steve had “sushi”. We still don’t know exactly what was in it, but it was good!
So far so good- but much, much more to come!

love and candy,