One of our 13 in 13 list items was to do 9 physical challenges. We started off with a yoga challenge and the started a month of crossfit challenge. And then- we got hooked on crossfit and it all went to hell. Okay maybe that’s harsh. Obviously it’s a great thing that we are loving crossfit so much that we don’t want to stop. It just means that coming up with new physical challenges is a lot more difficult. Crossfit is pretty pricey and time consuming so I don’t want to add anything to my exercise routine right now. So instead our next challenge is nutrition related. Crossfit is huge on “paleo” and clean eating. Basically, eating like a caveman would- nothing processed. Steve and I have been gluten free for some time now so it’s not a huge change, but we do eat a lot of rice and corn based foods. And then of course, there’s candy. Sadly candy is not paleo.

So here we go. One month of PALEO eating! Technically we are eating some dairy, which isnt strictly paleo, but I think it’s a great start. Some people refer to it as “primal” eating. Whatever you want to call it, it will be an adventure, and a challenge. We will see how this goes! Bye bye sour patch kids. You will be missed. Dearly. Hello healthy summer!

love and paleo (?),