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In 2013 I continued my daily instagram tradition. I love capturing daily activities, big and small. Not only is it a great way to remember events, but it forces me to find beauty and excitement even on the boring or tough days. Whether I’m on an amazing vacation or working late, I always ¬†look for something to celebrate and capture. It’s become a great tradition, one ¬†that I have no plan of giving up! This year I helped myself out by labeling the photos with dates. I used two different apps- Label Box and Pic Lab to transpose the dates prior to uploading on Instagram. This step is definitely optional, but after the hours of sorting through photos last year the dates were a welcome addition! I will admit that there were days that I transposed dates or made typos. Highly awkward at the time but funny in retrospect. I created the book through Blurb like last year. I like the idea of making each book the same size and building a collection.
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photo of the day 2013

One day we can look back not only on the big events in our lives but on the little things that really count. Like Riesling wanting to be a part of the photo shoot action^


love and candy,