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Just kidding. Only 3. If you’re still reading this after that blog title, I applaud you. 2015 was a kick ass year. I got engaged to my bestie Steverino, got a promotion, became an Aunt, and had some ridiculously cool adventures at home and abroad. Here are a few lessons that I learned along the way:

  1. Balance is a unicorn,  a beautiful but mythical creature. I tried really hard this year to find balance. Balance between career and family, time alone and time with friends, blogging and wedding planning, regiment and spontaneity. I spent a lot of energy trying to find that perfect “balance” between it all. For a week or so I would think I had it. Balance was: Working out three times a week, Tuesdays nights for crafting, Thursday night girls night, Friday night date night, Saturday out on the town, Sunday for catching up on blogging housework  family time, etc.. For a week it would be great, and then the next week something would come up and it would all go to hell. I finally  realized that there isn’t one formula for balance, because things are always changing. The right balance one week may not work the following week or ever again. Maybe I have to work late one night and can’t make it to the gym, a friend needs someone to talk to, or maybe I feel like hibernating for a few days at home.  Instead of trying to force my life into a formula, I’m learning to go with the flow.
  1. It’s about the journey. Goal setting is fun. The sky’s the limit and there’s a rush of exhilaration that goes along with setting lofty goals. Last year I thought I would blog daily. I thought I would set monthly resolutions and keep the New Year momentum going all year. It worked for a while, probably about half the year, but then I realized that I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. It became a task, a chore that had to be completed. It was adding stress to my life. And if I know one thing, it’s that stress sucks. Stress is the ultimate swear word in my book. So I sat back and started asking myself not what I was doing, but why I was doing things. I started this blog because I loved to create, to write, to share. But when I started putting all of these constraints on myself it took the joy out of it. Realizing this, I loosened the reins on myself and took a break. It was hard to do, I felt antsy at first, but then it felt good. When I started up again, it was once again fun, I was enjoying the journey again. As I look towards goals for next year, they will be based around this joy for the process, not just end results.
  1. Quality over Quantity. This continues to apply to most things in life, including candy and clothes. This year I related it to relationships. Simply put, time is the hottest commodity. We can’t make more of it, and there will never be enough to go around. In my hunt for the balance unicorn, I realized how important quality time is. It’s not necessarily spending every night with your friends or family, but it’s making those interactions meaningful. Does this mean I’m going to stop going to bars and only have deep solo conversations with people? Don’t be silly. It just means that I have come to really treasure my close relationships and want to continue to invest the quality time in them to grow them.

Wishing you a safe and sparkly New Year’s!

love and champs,