hello lovelies! Today I’m excited to talk about knobs! Totally weird I know, but don’t judge until you finish reading this. Because knobs are seriously awesome. They have got to be the quickest and most inexpensive way to give your furniture an face lift. Tired cabinets, dressers, drawers, you name it, new knobs to the rescue.

We are finally about fully furnished in our new(ish) place so I’m finally getting around to some finishing touches- like knobs. I will only post one love letter post to knobs on here don’t worry, you have my word. My main knob dilemma was with this cute white hutch in my dining room. I love the hutch itself, but didn’t love the silver oxidized hardware. Sort of boring, and didn’t match well with the gold and glass decor in the room. No bueno!


Hutch glass knobs (1 of 4)

So I started the hunt for some glass knobs to match the door knobs in our house and class the place up a little. I started the hunt at a hardware store but they wanted like twenty bucks per knob! Anthropologie is another go to for me when I am looking for fun and unique knobs but the glass knobs they had were not the right size for the project. Amazon to the rescue (again and again). A few clicks and an Amazon prime day later my glass beauties arrived. A couple minutes later my hutch was transformed! Dun dun dun! Okay so it may not be major but I think it totally makes a difference :). The knobs were only $11 for a set of 5, link here. Total steal!

Half and Half

Hutch glass knobs (2 of 4)

Ta da! Still looking for some glass pulls to replace the silver ones on the drawers. But at least we have progress!

Hutch glass knobs (3 of 4)
Hutch glass knobs (4 of 4)

knobs for life!