I love Martha Stewart and recently bought her Holiday Craft Book. I was inspired by many of the projects and was especially keen on a Valentine’s Day project using vegetables as stamps. I had some celery and decided to give it a shot.

All you need to do is chop off the bottom of the celery straight across and the many stalks give it a rose-like shape.  Simply chose a color of ink and use the heart just like you would a rubber stamp.

how to use celery as a flower stamp

You can use this on any medium, but I chose to stamp cards as my trial run.

Then start stamping! You can do single stamps or layer up to get a textured look. The options are endless! You can also try using multiple vegetable hearts to give some dimensions to your stamping. I only had one head of celery so just used the one.

You can use various colors on the same heart by either cutting off the layer with the other ink on it or starting with the lightest color and move to darker colors. I started with light pink and then used a paper towel to wipe of the excess ink before moving to black ink.

I tried it on a few different plain card stock to create simple cards that can be embellished depending on the occasion.

This was a super easy and fun project. These cards can be used for any occassion- not just Valentine’s Day! Happy stamping!

Love and Candy,