MARQUEE-MAIN Most of the time when I craft, Steve is working on his music at the desk next to me. It’s fun because we’re both doing our own thing, but are still “together” in a sense. Both enjoying our hobbies, side by side. Sometimes we collaborate- I’ll mess around with some vocals for him, and he is my built in tech support for the blog ( hallelujah!) . It’s a lot of fun working together, and it really brings us closer when we get involved in each other’s passions. Soo I was super excited when Steve agreed to a craft date! I wanted  to create a wall hanging with marquee lights on it to hang over our bed. The plan was to make a wood frame and then write something like “snooze”  or “dream on” with the lights. We started sketching out ideas and trying to figure out if wood was the best medium. Steve thought canvas might work better, and would require less power tool use- a plus when you live in a an apartment! We already had a pair of canvases hanging up that I had painted a few years back with a simple bridge outline. We were planning on replacing them with the new wall hanging, so we decided to use them as guinea pigs to see how well canvas would hold up with the lights hanging on it.

bridge lights (1 of 14)

Using a razor blade we cut little x’s where we wanted the marquee lights to pop through.

bridge lights (2 of 14)

Then we took off the round cover off of the light string, and stuck the light through the small hole.

bridge lights (3 of 14)

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Once it was through, we re-attached the cover so it was secured through the hole.

bridge lights (6 of 14)

The lights wiggled a litlte, so we added some tape on the back to keep them secure. Not the prettiest from the back- but that’s why it’s the back!   We repeated the process until we had placed all the lights we wanted.

bridge lights (8 of 14)

bridge lights (9 of 14)

^Steve forced me to be in a photo- yes, I craft in my pajamas. Ater placing all the lights we wanted, we taped to extra lights on the strand to the back. Last we secured the on/off switch in an easy to reach place.

bridge lights (7 of 14)

When we were through with our “sample” project we loved the results ^ So much so that we didn’t want to toss it! Instead we decided to grab the other canvas and repeat the process.

bridge lights (13 of 14)

bridge lights (11 of 14)

bridge lights (14 of 14)

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The second one went a lot quicker and when we hung them up together we loved the look. There is definitely more bleed through from the rest of the light string on the white canvas compared to the black.  I thought of adding a backing to the canvas to prevent it, but as the night went on I decided I liked the twinkle effect just the way it was.

bridge lights (1 of 2)

bridge lights (10 of 14)

In the end instead of a completely new wall piece, we just gave ours a shiny update.   In case you want to try it out on your own, I recommend buying batter LED lights because they last a long time and there are no ugly chords to plug in. If you click on the below photo it will link you to Amazon where I bought mine for about $12.00. It was such a fun project to make, and Steve and I enjoyed laying under the “stars” last night.

love and candy,