I have been feeling the painting urge for a while now but have been so busy with the move and work that I haven’t picked up a paint brush in ages.  When I saw this awesome DIY paint project on Refinery29 that also claimed to be “easy”, it was enough to get me to the store to pick up some painter’s tape and clear some time.

 Here are the easy steps if you want to try it on your own. I think this would be gorgeous on a really large canvas and you can mix up the colors to match your decor!

Step 1: chose your colors and paint your canvas. (Glass of wine optional, but recommended)

   Work from light to darker colors, continuing until your canvas is covered and no white is showing.

Step 2: Add painters tape in a chevron or arrow pattern covering your entire canvas. This part takes some time as you have to make sure your pieces of tape are around the same size so they line up. the good news is that it is easy to take on and off to make adjustments. The better news is that even if it is not perfect it will still look cool!

Step 3: Cover your whole canvas with white paint (or whatever color you want the top layer to be). Make sure that your tape corners are pressed down firmly to avoid messy lines. I could have been more diligent on this but end up liking the imperfections.

Step 4: Let it dry. This is almost as hard as the taping step- the waiting! Once you are sure it is dry remove the tape. The patterns during the removal process looked pretty cool too.

Step 5: Enjoy your DIY art!

love and candy,