I’m taking a summer vacation from my monthly resolutions and switching it up with my second annual Summer To Do List! It’s a little way to bring back some of the joy of summer, even if us adults don’t get three months off of work (sigh). The idea is to make a fun to do list. One that has awesome summer activities on it instead of chores or other boring stuff that usually occupy to do lists.

Last year I did the list mostly with friends which was fabulous. This year I’m changing it up a bit and Steve and I are taking on the list together. Not necessarily exclusive of other people, but always together.  Might be a newly engaged thing, but I can’t get enough of that guy! So we took some paper and wine to our rooftop deck and dreamed up some fun summer adventures. Some are easy- going on a photo walk or a hike, and some require a little more planning. I think it’s a good mix, and hopefully we can get through them all!

Holiday Collage

And because this is supposed to be a fun list, I ditched the usual format and went for something more visual. As we complete each item we can change the badge out for a photo of the activity. The circles  kind of  remind me of girl scout badges!  What’s on your summer to do list?

love and candy,