Cocktail Bitters

If I decide to have a drink at home I usually just pop open a bottle of wine.  It’s easy, and I know I’ll enjoy it.  I also like cocktails but I get lazy and don’t want to experiment with recipes that I may or may not enjoy.  So as part of our 13 in 13 challenge we decided to dabble in mixology by trying eleven cocktails at home this year. To prepare for our adventures in mixology, we’ve been busy stocking up our bar. While browsing the aisles of BevMo we found this cute travel size bitters set with five different bitters in it. I’ve heard a lot about bitters but had been hesitant to drop a bunch of money on them in case we didn’t like the taste. This kit was the perfect way to try all of the flavors without the commitment or large upfront investment. And how cute is the retro packaging?

Cocktail Bitters Traveler's Kit

Old Fashioned

We obviously had to try them out immediately, so Steve whipped up some Old Fashioned’ s.  I’m excited to experiment with all the different bitters- especially the Creole and celery flavors!

love and candy,