It’s possible I was just bitter about the whole leaving Hawaii thing- but I couldn’t help but notice a few less than charming trends at the airport yesterday.


Top 5 annoyances as follows:

1. Security: No matter how long the security lines are, people still manage to get “surprised” when it’s their turn. No, you can not take your water bottle through security and yes, you must take your laptop out of it’s case. It’s not rocket science people.

2. Clothing: I tried really hard and still came up with zero reasons to wear heels at an airport. Ever.

3. Boarding: Why do people rush to get in line to board planes? Unless you are flying Southwest, you are rushing for nothing.  Maybe it’s the super comfy seats or the great food that they want to take full advantage of?

4. De-planing: People rush the aisles like they tweens lining up for Bieber’s autograph. Unless you can levitate (and in that case why fly commercial), you are not beating anyone in front of you to the exit- so just wait.

5. Luggage Carousels: Throwing elbows and jockeying for position should be left to proffesional athletes and politicians. The carousels move at about 2mph- sit back, relax and wait to approach until you see your bag. Oh- and make sure it’s yours. If that proves difficult for you- then don’t get a medium sized black rolling suitcase like everyone else.

On a positive note- I had a window seat with a beautiful sunset view!

Love and Candy,