Dude. You know your life is too crazy when you have a break down at jiffy lube. Not a car break down, but a mental one. Okay, so I’m being dramatic- it was less of a break down and more of a break-through. I was overdue on an oil change << because come on who really has time to get their oil changed>> but finally force myself to go during lunch today. I handed over the keys and sat down in the waiting area. Burnt coffee and a couple of torn up Readers Digest surround me and an unfriendly stranger stares at the wall blankly. I instinctively look at my phone- no messages. Emails? None. I pull out my work phone- zero notifications. I immediately start to look for something else on my phone. Intsagram, Facebook,  and CNN get me through another five minutes before I seriously contemplate downloading candy crush. Then it hit me- I couldn’t sit still for five minutes and do nothing. Five minutes! I’m so used to being busy that the thought of sitting and doing nothing was just unthinkable.

So I made myself do it. I made myself sit there with no phone, no magazine, no television, no distractions, for five whole minutes. If this sounds ridiculous to you, well it does to me too- but it was hard! Yes, it’s hard for me, a grown person, to sit still for five minutes and do nothing. The first two minutes felt like forever. Then I closed my eyes and concentrated on my breathing and relaxed. And it felt good. I stopped absorbing info and just took in my surroundings. So here’s to taking it easy, unplugging, and breathing deeply- even for five minutes at a time :)


Anyone else struggle with constantly doing things? I would love to hear other ideas on how to slow down and unplug!

love and candy,