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How to add a little flair to your thank you notes

By |August 23rd, 2015|Uncategorized|

Sometimes writing thank you notes can be tough- especially when you are writing hundreds of them! It’s easy to fall in the trap of “ thank you for such and such gift, Ireally like it and will use it a lot, the end”. Thank you’s are important to me so I do my best to take a little extra time to make them personal. It’s not always just the thought that counts, sometimes it’s the message!

For our wedding thank you cards I wanted to do something special to show our friends and family just how thankful we really are for their love, support and generosity. We started by using one of our favorite wedding photos and creating a thank you card from it in Photoshop. But photo thank you cards are nothing unusual these days, I wanted to do something more. I remembered how one of my cousins years back had sent photobooth photos with her thank you cards. It was so fun to receive actual printed photos in the mail and to re-live the wedding through them. I didn’t have a photo booth at my wedding, but I did have a ton of  photos of friends and family taken by our photographer. I went through our professional photos and uploaded a bunch of pics of friends and family to a photo website. I ordered 4 x 6 prints so I could include them with our thank you notes.

thank you letters

thank you letters-2

I found some semi-opaque kraft paper bags to package them in so they wouldn’t just be flying around loose in the envelope. After organizing the photos by recipient I put them in the bags and sealed each one with a sticker. I have so many stickers laying around (thanks to years of collecting) and this was a perfect opportunity to put them to good use! The good thing about the opaque bags is that you can see who the photos are of even when they are sealed so you don’t have to label them.

thank you letters-3

thank you letters-4

thank you letters-6

thank you letters-10

thank you letters-9

Hopefully the photos and thank you note will brighten someone’s day and let people know just how thankful we are for them.

love and candy,


DIY table numbers for your next party

By |July 29th, 2015|crafts, Uncategorized, wedding|


I kind of have a thing for gold spray paint. Like, if it wasn’t harmful and generally frowned upon I might just spray paint my dog. Just kidding of course- but I do think I have a gold spray paint problem. I love the transformation of something blah into something shiny and gilded in just a few seconds. So when it came to table numbers at my wedding, I knew I wanted to get my spray paint on. Originally I looked for wood numbers, but after some pinterest searching those felt oh-so overdone. I started looking around for other possibilities. Frames were another popular option but I didn’t love the look of a printed table number inside the frame. So when I saw these adorable heart frames at Ikea I knew I was on to something. I got out my trusty paint, recruited my sister as a co-partner in paint, and got to work.

table numbers-5

table numbers-3

table numbers-4
The best part of the frames (aside from the $1.99 price tag!) is that they are double sided, so there is no awkward “back side” of the table number. Each frame comes with a clear plastic insert that is perfect to write on. I played around with paint pens and ended up using a white chalk marker. It looked elegant and best of all it’s erasable if you mess up! Because you are writing on a clear surface you can print things on paper and put them behind the plastic like a stencil. This was a game changer for me and my chicken scratch handwriting. I used our wedding font to write the table numbers on my computer, printed it out and traced right onto the plastic.

The only bummer about the white writing was that it was hard to photograph so you cant get the full effect from the photos. I put one at the top from the day of and you can just barely make it out!

love and candy,


5 easy ways to personalize invites

By |July 27th, 2015|DIY, wedding|


Custom invitations can get super expensive, especially for weddings.  I love letterpress but by the time I added up all the options I wanted- multiple colors, custom art, etc.. it was way over my budget. Thankfully there are a ton of other great options out there these days and I found an invite on minted that I loved for a fraction of the price. I was a little hesitant to buy a stock invite but I thought of some easy ways to personalize the invites to make them uniquely mine. Here are 5 things you can do to customize stock invites!

1. Customize your colors: Most sites let you take the base design and then change the colors and fonts. Your invites are the first things your guests see so set the tone with the color palette and fonts you chose. Be sure to use the RGB or CMYK for the exact colors you want to avoid any mishaps. Most online sites only do digital proofs, and even if it looks good on your monitor, it can look totally different in person! Our palette was sage green, blush and gold, so we customized the invites to include those colors.


2. Put it in your own words: change the wording on the invites to reflect your event. Don’t be afraid to steer away from the example verbiage, this is your wedding and it should reflect your style and tone. The reply card is a great spot to have a little creativity. Instead of checking yes or no, put something more personal. I have also seen people have an “Other” spot where people could put their own response!



3. Step up your stamp game: Envelopes are the first things your guests see, so make it something to get excited about! There are so many amazing stamp options out there. You can create your own on sites like zazzle or buy vintage stamps. Our wedding was in the desert so I picked out some fun retro desert stamps that I tracked down on etsy. Yes, it’s slightly more expensive than regular stamps but so worth it!


4. Add a photo: I’m a picture person, and loved the idea of adding a photo without having the whole invite be a photograph.  We made 4 x 6 prints of one of our engagement photos and used two sided photo tape to attach one to the inside flap of each envelope. It was a quick and fun way to personalize our envelopes.  You could totally do this for Christmas cards or any other occasion too!


5. Seal it with love- and wax: There is something about a wax seal that seems so special, probably because they are so hardly used anymore. I found a ton of people selling them on etsy, and they weren’t very expensive- you can get one for about 10 bucks.  I found a shop that lets you upload your own design so I used our wedding font to get a custom “K” made and then wax sealed the envelopes shut. It takes a little while to get the hang of the wax seal so make sure you practice on other paper first so you don’t put your envelopes at risk!





I’m super happy with the way they turned out! Hopefully you picked up a couple of ideas of how to personalize your invites without breaking the bank.


love and candy,