I am admittedly behind in my blogging. But trust me- I have great excuses! Anyways, rarther then delve into them- I will focus on the fun events that have happened in the week(ish) since I have last blogged.

The boy and I went on a super fun double date to go see Billy Elliot at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood. We hit up Jones first for some tasty Italian fare (and cocktail pairings) and then rolled over to the theater. I say rolled because traffic was absolutely awful and we barely made it in time!

I thought the dancing in Billy Elliott was amazing, but it was about 3 hours long which was rough for a Tuesday night. The boy who played Billy was incredible- and he was only 13! They must have started him in classes when he was two. I was also amazed to think that these kids did these shows on weeknights- I was so tired by the time it was over and I was just in the audience! Wow… I sound like an old person :)