its no secret that i love candy. and if you have ever had breakfast with me it would also be apparent that i love bacon. so an opportunity to combine the two? sold! i looked up a few different recipes online and ended up going with a simple combination based on the ingredients that i happened to have already (brown sugar, white sugar, cinammon) and that didn’t take much time (who wants to can wait an hour for bacon??). it’s this easy:

1. mix your sugary goodness together. combine brown sugar with a little white sugar and whatever other flavors you want to coat your bacon with. i used cinnamon because i had it but i also saw some recipes like this one that use cayenne or spices which could be tasty. or this one with maple and mustard in it, if you are feeling fancy.

2. place on a cookie cooling rack allowing the bacon to fall into the grooves-this will give it that cool wavy look.

3. bake that bacon. 350 for 20 minutes. i like it crispy but you have to be wary to not leave it in for too long or the sugar might burn.

4. enjoy. how could you not?

love and candy,