Happy February! This is one of my favorite months of the year and the Valentine’s selection of candy is the icing on the cake! I made a trip to Target and headed straight to the pink and red candy aisle.


I picked up an assortment of fun V-day inspired variations of my favorites: sweetart gummy hearts, passion mix mike and ikes, conversation jelly beans and red and pink starbursts. And indent care what the masses say, I think candy hearts are DELICIOUS and so I stocked up in a major way.


They were all yummy. My only complaint was that the red mint filling in the Junior Mint Hearts makes your mouth turn vampiresque red! Other than that I’m convinced it’s the best candy picking of the year. Let’s be honest- red and pink are everyone’s favorites colors- and in February that’s just what you get! I think my favorite is “Fave Red” Starbursts- all red and pink with no yellow or orange to pick through? Amaazing.

Well, I have some candy to eat ( in the name of research, of course).

Love and candy,