not your momma’s wedding nails

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 I’m not much of a nail art fiend, but I’m tempted by all the cute wedding nail ideas around the web. My hands will probably be photographed more on my wedding day than any other day of my life, so a little something extra could be fun. Here are some of my favorite ideas to spice up your digits for the big day.


It’s all about the details darling!

1. Something blue

2. Lovely in lace

3. I heart you

4. Bling bling

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hello, Birchbox

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birchbox (1 of 4)

I’ve been wanting to try Birchbox for a while now, and Santa (aka my sister) was kind enough to check it off my Christmas list. My first box arrived and I’m officially a fan! Kind of hard not to like getting a present in the mail each month with fun treats in it! It’s ten bucks a month and you get a few mini sized items to check out. After the first delivery you fill out a survey about your likes and dislikes and they customize your box to fit your fancy . Here is what my first delivery looked like-

birchbox (2 of 4)

birchbox (3 of 4)

birchbox (4 of 4)

Benefit lipgloss, nail polish that changes color ( where was this in Jr. High?!) hair protecting spray, perfume and some chocolate to top it off. The gloss and polish were cool, but not something I would typically buy- which is exactly why I like Birchbox. I could use a beauty routine shake up and without a big investment.  The hair protector spray is a Birchbox exclusive and is pretty great, still figuring out if it’s a keeper. But the biggest win was the perfume,  “hello” by Harvey Prince. I put some on and immediately got the “wow you smell great” reaction from Steve. This is a big deal in our household because Steve has less than stellar olfactory senses. Comes in handy when I have garlic breath but its RARE that he notices my perfume. As you can imagine, I have been wearing it constantly since!

love and candy,


A new hue

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I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect red lipstick for the holidays. I stumbled on Red Lizard by NARS and fell deeply in love. The perfect red! Bring on the holiday parties!

red lipstick-2
red lipstick

Do you have any go to holiday lip colors?


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