when life gives you lemons

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Make yourself a cocktail!  While some mother’s teach their daughters to sew, my mother taught me how to present a mean lemonade cocktail. And by mean, I mean delicious and wonderful. Here’s what you need to do- go and get yourself some lemons, lots of them, and get squeezing. Keep squeezing until you get 3 cups worth of lemon juice. Get a gallon size jar and fill it with 2 cups of sugar and 1 cup of hot water. Stir or shake to dissolve the sugar and then add that lemon juice you just squeezed.  Now for the fun stuff. Grab some vodka and add about two cups- depending on your taste and tolerance. Fill the rest of the gallon jar with ice water. Hooray! You now have a delicious lemonade cocktail.

Lemonade bar-2 Let’s get fancy with it. Grab a few mason jars and fill them with herbs; mint, rosemary, basil, whatever sounds good or whatever you have on hand. The fresher the better.  Add as many options as you like- iced tea for Arnold Palmers, lemon slices, jalapenos- whatever sounds delicious.  Then set it all out on a tray and let your guests chose what accouterments they desire.

Lemonade bar-3

Lemonade bar

Lemonade bar-5

Super bonus if you have an adorable mother like I do as a bartender! We sipped on these over Easter. So refreshing!

Lemonade bar-6

 love and lemonade.



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Last weekend I made my very first candy buffet! Shocking right? I’ve dreamed of many but never before created. I figured my sister’s baby shower was a great place to start because babies are just SO sweet. Especially this little one. The shower was cohosted by some of Ali’s best friends and it was just perfect. More photos to come from the shower but while I work on those, here are a few shots of the candy bar set up.

ali girly baby shower-3

ali girly baby shower-4

ali girly baby shower-9

ali girly baby shower-8

I was a little overwhelmed with trying to visualize how it would all come together but I think it turned out well for my first go at it. I bought the candy at Jack’s wholesale in downtown LA. The place is amazing- bulk candy from floor to ceiling. Aka my dream. The prices were very reasonable compared to online and storefront candy shops. Then I just put them in glass containers and used ribbons and stickers to spruce things up a little. So fun!

My only regret? Well if you read this then you realize that I didn’t eat any of the candy! Hello, torture. But don’t feel bad for me yet- I have a TON of leftovers, and 11 other months to eat it :)

love and candy,




Proof that good things can come in small packages!

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Heck yes. Haribo gummy bears are one of my all time fave candies. The texture, the flavor, the everything is perfect! Now, I must admit  that I am not usually into “fun size” candy which is not nearly as fun as king size candy. However, I do enjoy the small packaging and these little guys were just too adorable to pass up. I found them at Target and they are called “Lunch Box” Haribo.  A perfect little treat to drop into a brown bag lunch! Or to just eat randomly… like I am currently doing.


Aren’t they adorable? I wish I had a normal size Haribo bear to compare the size, but for now a silly photo shoot will have to do.






 love and candy,