A Healthy(ish) Treat

By |February 22nd, 2012|candy, Uncategorized|

I usually stick to a relatively healthy diet, but I need to have candy and sweets every day. So to help myself feel better about my addiction I am always on the look out for a good “healthy”candy substitute to satisfy my sweet tooth.

When I saw “Simply Fruit Twists” from General Mills I had to get them. They look just like licorice but they are 90% fruit instead of 90% refined sugar. So I grabbed a box and immediately (as in on my way from the store to the car) dug in.

Simply Fruit Treat Box

Each stick has 60 calories in it- the equivalent of three red vines.

My first thought was that these things are small! They come individually wrapped which is nice for snacking- but ONE piece of licorice? Please! I would need a box, at least, to satisfy my craving.

Once I started snacking, my first thought was that the texture was a little too grainy in my opinion- you definitely knew you were chewing on fruit. The flavor was good, but once again, it basically tasted like a fruit leather but rolled up. Not sure if this will replace my red vines but- its a fun way to get in a whole serving of fruit!

Tip: They are also super sticky- so keep them in the wrapper while noshing!

Love and Candy,

Candy: Valentine’s Edition

By |February 2nd, 2012|candy|

Happy February! This is one of my favorite months of the year and the Valentine’s selection of candy is the icing on the cake! I made a trip to Target and headed straight to the pink and red candy aisle.


I picked up an assortment of fun V-day inspired variations of my favorites: sweetart gummy hearts, passion mix mike and ikes, conversation jelly beans and red and pink starbursts. And indent care what the masses say, I think candy hearts are DELICIOUS and so I stocked up in a major way.


They were all yummy. My only complaint was that the red mint filling in the Junior Mint Hearts makes your mouth turn vampiresque red! Other than that I’m convinced it’s the best candy picking of the year. Let’s be honest- red and pink are everyone’s favorites colors- and in February that’s just what you get! I think my favorite is “Fave Red” Starbursts- all red and pink with no yellow or orange to pick through? Amaazing.

Well, I have some candy to eat ( in the name of research, of course).

Love and candy,

Candy: Hawaii style

By |January 5th, 2012|candy|

Like any good candyholic, one of my first stops while traveling is to pick up some local fare (read: candy).

In the spirit of Hawaii I grabbed some tropical flavored dots and coconut m&m’s. Then I added some mauna lua macadamia nuts (for health reasons, obviously). I tried roasted, Maui onion and garlic and, of course, chocolate covered. Guess which was my favorite?

Loved it all except for the coconut m&m’s. Then again I don’t like coconut so not much of a shocker. I did however appreciate the umbrellas and palm trees they printed on the candies. Precious!