Trend Report: yoga pants with attitude

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Yoga Pant Trends

Yoga pants. Comfy, cute and socially acceptable to wear to class and brunch alike. What’s not to love? While everyone should own a pair of classics, lately there’s been an explosion of fun and even outrageous yoga pants hitting the market. Here are a few of the big trends in the yoga pant world:

1 / Cut outs// Lorna Jane Dee-Core Pant

My personal favorite, the cut out pant, adds a little subtle sexy to your workout. The cut outs are probably there to help keep you cool though right? Totally functional I’m sure.

2 / Bold Prints //Athleta Diamond Superluxe Pant

Move over black and grey, prints are here in a big way. From subtle to outrageous you can find yoga pants in just about any color and pattern. These Athleta pants are particularly outrageous. Just be careful not too flow too quickly, or the person next to you might get dizzy.

3 / High Rise // Lululemon Wunder Under Pant

The high rise look is equal parts function and fashion. Gone are the days of having to pull up your pants between asanas, and the high waist gives you extra control and shape. Yes please!

4 / Fit and Flare // Lucy Perfect Core Pant

For those who like a little more room to breathe- or flow- in your yoga pants, the fit and flare are making a comeback. Thankfully I never threw my old ones away- living proof that you should hoard clothing until they come back in style. I kid. Kind of.

5 / Body Suits // Sweaty Betty Yoga Unitard

Last but not least we have the bodysuit- not for the faint of heart! I can’t say I plan on trying this trend but if your up for it I fully support your choice and will try not to stare if you are in the same class as me. “Aggressive” is the adjective that comes to mind. But hey, don’t knock it until you try it right?



unique unicorns

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Do you have friends that are so special that you don’t know what to get them for their birthdays? Me too! What about getting something just as unique as them- like a magical unicorn! Nope, unicorns aren’t just for kiddos- check out these super fun adult versions of everyone’s favorite mystical creatures. Okay, well maybe not everyone’s, but definitely mine.



1  | a unicorn inhabited terrarium

 2  |  unicorn candles (come in a bunch of colors if pink is too mystical for you)

3  |  a unicorn skull ring holder. slightly morbid but excessively cool

4  |  a unicorn shadow shower curtain

5  | a timeless tee

 6  | everyone could use a unicorn corkscrew

p.s. I secretly want to buy ALL of the above for myself!

love and unicorns,



Get the look: One piece wonders

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Untitled design (4)

In love with one pieces this summer. These amazing suits are not-your-mommas- one pieces! I love how versatile a one piece can be, and personally think they can be hotter than a teeny bikini! There is only so much you can do with a triangle top, but the versatility with a one piece seem to be endless. Above are some of my favorite statement suits this season. Now the tough part…deciding which one to buy for my upcoming Vegas trip!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

love and candy,