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hello lovelies! Today I’m excited to talk about knobs! Totally weird I know, but don’t judge until you finish reading this. Because knobs are seriously awesome. They have got to be the quickest and most inexpensive way to give your furniture an face lift. Tired cabinets, dressers, drawers, you name it, new knobs to the rescue.

We are finally about fully furnished in our new(ish) place so I’m finally getting around to some finishing touches- like knobs. I will only post one love letter post to knobs on here don’t worry, you have my word. My main knob dilemma was with this cute white hutch in my dining room. I love the hutch itself, but didn’t love the silver oxidized hardware. Sort of boring, and didn’t match well with the gold and glass decor in the room. No bueno!


Hutch glass knobs (1 of 4)

So I started the hunt for some glass knobs to match the door knobs in our house and class the place up a little. I started the hunt at a hardware store but they wanted like twenty bucks per knob! Anthropologie is another go to for me when I am looking for fun and unique knobs but the glass knobs they had were not the right size for the project. Amazon to the rescue (again and again). A few clicks and an Amazon prime day later my glass beauties arrived. A couple minutes later my hutch was transformed! Dun dun dun! Okay so it may not be major but I think it totally makes a difference :). The knobs were only $11 for a set of 5, link here. Total steal!

Half and Half

Hutch glass knobs (2 of 4)

Ta da! Still looking for some glass pulls to replace the silver ones on the drawers. But at least we have progress!

Hutch glass knobs (3 of 4)
Hutch glass knobs (4 of 4)

knobs for life!


Let’s talk about toilets..

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Toilet Tank Top

marble tray (1 of 9)

.. okay maybe not toilets, but toilet toppers!  Toilet topper trays are a great way to spruce up your toilet with pretty things like candles or diffusers. They create a sturdy base for your decor so things don’t slide off and well, err take a swim. After some hunting I found a tray that was the perfect fit, but it was all white and well, a little boring for my taste.  Plus it had some yellow glue from the label that despite all the Goo be gone and elbow grease in the world would just not come off.

marble tray (8 of 9)

So I did a little searching and found some marble contact paper  to spice things up. If you haven’t used contact paper before, you’re welcome! It is seriously AWESOME you guys. So easy- just measure, cut, peel, stick, and transform. The stuff sticks to just about any surface and instantly changes the look completely. Did I mention the whole roll cost me seven bucks?

The contact paper I purchased came with an easy cutting guide on the back which made measuring a snap.

marble tray (7 of 9)

marble tray (6 of 9)

Then I just did a little peel and stick action and voila!

marble tray (5 of 9)

marble tray (4 of 9)

My little tray now has a marble finish that matches my bathroom counter. Now I just need to figure out what to do with the rest of my contact paper.. ideas welcomed!

marble tray (3 of 9)

marble tray (2 of 9)



A teeny tiny ikea hack

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Sometimes a super small thing can make a big impact. In this case it was a 3 dollar piece of plastic from IKEA. If you have a dog then you will completely get it, if not you may think I’m crazy. BUT this leash hanger has streamlined our lives much beyond it’s small price tag! Lets’ just say that if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard my husband yell “hey babe where’s the leash?!” I would have many many dollars. You see, dog leashes are like socks and bobby pins, they have a mystical way of disappearing, and it’s never your fault. SO when I saw this adorable hook at IKEA I had to get it. Problem was the colors were a little “out there”. Hot pink doesn’t quite match my entry decor. So I did my usual thing- spray painted that sucker gold. And voila! A SUPER simple SUPER inexpensive and SUPER awesome IKEA hack!

thank you letters-15

thank you letters-12


thank you letters-11

Yep, it’s still the little things!

love and candy,