Merry and Bright: Free Download Holiday Print!

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You guys, this may very well be the easiest and most inexpensive holiday craft of the year!  If you want your very own giant poster of fun for less than $4 just follow these easy steps:

  1. Download my design (for free hooray!) here. [wpdm_package id=’4210′]
  2. Upload it to Staples Copy & Print
  3. Order an Engineering Print in B& W, 24 x 36
  4. Write your own holiday message
  5. Frame it (optional) and hang it!

And that’s really all you need to know.

BUT if you want more details or are just trying to pass some time at the office, read on.


The inspiration for this project was “disposable decorating” driven by my lack of storage in my loft. Basically I have no room to store things so I wanted to make holiday décor that I could throw away after  the holidays or store easily. Enter engineer prints. In case you haven’t heard of this magical thing that is an engineer print, I’m going to tell you all about it. For just a few dollars you can get massive black and white prints made at Staples. You just go to their website and upload your photo or design, select what size you want and you can usually pick it up in the store the next day. They probably also ship, but it might be more expensive than the print!  I had experimented with engineer prints prior with good results and decided that it would also be handy for some holiday cheer.

I used Adobe Illustrator to create the design, saved it as a .jpg and ordered away. The next day I picked it up at Staples along with some gold sharpies which I used to add color in some of the dots and write “merry and bright”. The paper is super thin so you can stick it directly to a wall if you want to. I ended up finding a really good deal on a poster frame on Amazon (here is the one I used) so I framed it and stuck it up on the wall. When the holidays are over I plan on making a new print to replace it with. Hooray for seasonal and affordable art!


std-15 If you are done with your holiday decorating, this could also make a cute happy birthday sign to post on your co-workers cubicle, or a place to write your favorite quote or lyric. The sky’s the limit!


love and candy,


why I drink wine (maybe)

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We have progress ladies and gents! Maybe not a ton, but I added a few rows to my “K” cork board. It may not look like much but I’m telling you this represents mucho vino. No matter how much wine I drink, the K refuses to be filled. The goal was to have it completed by the wedding, but that’s a lot of bottles! Maybe a healthier goal would be to fill it up with juice  bottle caps or vegetables. Or start hosting a bunch of girls nights! Now there’s an idea I can work with :)

love and candy,


unique unicorns

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Do you have friends that are so special that you don’t know what to get them for their birthdays? Me too! What about getting something just as unique as them- like a magical unicorn! Nope, unicorns aren’t just for kiddos- check out these super fun adult versions of everyone’s favorite mystical creatures. Okay, well maybe not everyone’s, but definitely mine.



1  | a unicorn inhabited terrarium

 2  |  unicorn candles (come in a bunch of colors if pink is too mystical for you)

3  |  a unicorn skull ring holder. slightly morbid but excessively cool

4  |  a unicorn shadow shower curtain

5  | a timeless tee

 6  | everyone could use a unicorn corkscrew

p.s. I secretly want to buy ALL of the above for myself!

love and unicorns,