DIY Return Address Stamp and Free Download

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Although the wedding is still 9 months away, I’ve started to play around with save the date/invite ideas. I decided to come up with a return address stamp that I could use for the invites, or just for day to day married life correspondence :)

I came up with a very simple design in Photoshop using some fun fonts. Click the download button below to get the free editable PSD file. Then just use the text edit function in Photoshop to personalize it with your info. Then save it as a PSD and upload to a custom stamp shop. I used Simon Stamp to produce the stamp.  Just go to the site, select custom art mount wooden stamp, and uploaded your design. There are a bunch of different sizes available depending on the size of the artwork. The file attached fits perfectly on the 1  1/4″ x  2  1/2″ stamp.  It was only $13  and the stamp showed up in just a few days.  The quality was great and it turned out just as I had imagined. Goodbye address labels, hello stamp obsession.

[wpdm_file id=4]

return stamp (2 of 4)

return stamp (4 of 4)


love and candy,



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Last weekend I made my very first candy buffet! Shocking right? I’ve dreamed of many but never before created. I figured my sister’s baby shower was a great place to start because babies are just SO sweet. Especially this little one. The shower was cohosted by some of Ali’s best friends and it was just perfect. More photos to come from the shower but while I work on those, here are a few shots of the candy bar set up.

ali girly baby shower-3

ali girly baby shower-4

ali girly baby shower-9

ali girly baby shower-8

I was a little overwhelmed with trying to visualize how it would all come together but I think it turned out well for my first go at it. I bought the candy at Jack’s wholesale in downtown LA. The place is amazing- bulk candy from floor to ceiling. Aka my dream. The prices were very reasonable compared to online and storefront candy shops. Then I just put them in glass containers and used ribbons and stickers to spruce things up a little. So fun!

My only regret? Well if you read this then you realize that I didn’t eat any of the candy! Hello, torture. But don’t feel bad for me yet- I have a TON of leftovers, and 11 other months to eat it :)

love and candy,




Project 27/52: You’re a stud

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stud shirt-2

I’m no rocker chick, but I do love the look of carefully placed studs. Iron on studs are so fun and super simple to work with. They’ve gotta be the easiest way to spice up an old shirt or pair of shorts. For this quick glam-over,  I took an old Target tank top, placed the studs with tweezers, ironed them on and boom- ten minutes later I was rocking a new shirt.

stud shirt-5

stud shirt-4

stud shirt-3

stud shirt

love and candy,