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Yoga Challenge-3

I have officially retired from Crossfit. At least for now. I really loved it, but it was super expensive and with all the travel lately I wasn’t using it enough. Also, as much as CrossFit rocked, I still really missed the mental clarity yoga gave me. Lucky for me, they just opened up a new studio, Evoke, a few blocks away from my place. The studio is heated which at first kind of freaked me out, but after a few sessions I grew okay with dripping in sweat during class. They also offer barre and weight classes included in the monthly membership. I get bored with doing the same thing over again so the diversity was super appealing. The studio is adorable and the owner/teachers are equally amazing- I’m excited to get my yoga on!

love and candy,



Summer ’13 List: A New Hike

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Number 9 on my summer to do list was to try a new hike. The intention was to a) hike more and b) make myself explore a new trail. Most of the time our hikes are somewhat spur of the moment and so we end up going to the trails we already know well. Santa Monica, La Canada, Runyon etc. No thinking or research required. Just grab some water and sunscreen and go. I guess you can say we are in a hike rut. So when we were in Big Bear last weekend I was excited to look up local hikes and try something new. We got a later start than planned (that will happen to one in the mountains) so we decided on a shorter, steeper trail. Yelpers had good things to say about Castle Rock Trail so we went for it.  The trail itself is only about a mile each way, but definitely steep. I got pretty winded and stopped once or twice to “admire the view” aka catch my breath. Definitely the exercise induced asthma though, not for lack of cardio capability. At least that’s the story I’m sticking to.

The views were absolutely beautiful. At the top the trees cleared and you could see Big Bear Lake in the not so distant background. We really lucked out with the weather too- clear skies, but not oppressively hot. After admiring the view at the top, we kept hiking a little past the well marked trail. It went on and on but things got a little snakey: as in us girls swore we were going to get attacked by a snake- so we eventually turned back. A great little hike to check out and check off the list!

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13 in 13: Paleo Challenge

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One of our 13 in 13 list items was to do 9 physical challenges. We started off with a yoga challenge and the started a month of crossfit challenge. And then- we got hooked on crossfit and it all went to hell. Okay maybe that’s harsh. Obviously it’s a great thing that we are loving crossfit so much that we don’t want to stop. It just means that coming up with new physical challenges is a lot more difficult. Crossfit is pretty pricey and time consuming so I don’t want to add anything to my exercise routine right now. So instead our next challenge is nutrition related. Crossfit is huge on “paleo” and clean eating. Basically, eating like a caveman would- nothing processed. Steve and I have been gluten free for some time now so it’s not a huge change, but we do eat a lot of rice and corn based foods. And then of course, there’s candy. Sadly candy is not paleo.

So here we go. One month of PALEO eating! Technically we are eating some dairy, which isnt strictly paleo, but I think it’s a great start. Some people refer to it as “primal” eating. Whatever you want to call it, it will be an adventure, and a challenge. We will see how this goes! Bye bye sour patch kids. You will be missed. Dearly. Hello healthy summer!

love and paleo (?),