That one time I quit cable.

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I pulled the plug on cable. Pun absolutely intended. I’m not a huge TV person to begin with, but recently there’s been too many nights where I’ve found myself innocently sitting down after work to relax for “15” minutes in front of the tube and then suddenly I’m sucked in to a marathon of Real Housewives of anywhere. Yes, I’m self admittedly -and embarrassingly- a reality TV sucker. Bachelor? Yes please. Bachelor spin off? Sign me up! For me unplanned TV watching is a super non-essential time suck.

The decision to kick cable wasn’t that tough. Steve rarely watches it, and most shows we like we can get on Netflix or HuluPlus for a fraction of the price. So we decided to get rid of it, and use our 80 bucks and extra hours of our lives for better things. So far I’ve been super happy with our choice. In fact I’ve only missed cable twice in the month or so since we called it quits. Both times I ended up reading instead, something I used to say I had no time for. Which I now see meant I had no time for because I got sucked into watching an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians. I even had time to make a silly drawing in photoshop to go along with this photo-less post! This doesn’t mean I think TV is evil, or will never watch it again, but for right now my life is better without it. Except for weekly viewings of the Bachelor with my girls. Which will remain in full effect- for “traditions” sake :)

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summer list progress: bike 29 miles

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We’ve made some good progress on our summer list, starting with biking 29 miles in honor of my 29th birthday.  Steve and I both bought new bikes last year and really like riding them together so I knew this would be one of the easier tasks to achieve. What I wasn’t expecting is that we would do it all in one day! It happened kind of accidentally.  After looking up different routes we decided to take the LA River bike path to the Golden Road Brewery. Technically it’s 11  miles each way, but we took an involuntary detour. Yes, that means we got lost. BUT it actually worked out perfectly because we got to bike by the zoo which was beautiful, AND we got our extra miles in! Win-win.

bridge lights (3 of 15) bridge lights (12 of 15)

I was surprised with how beautiful the river trail was- definitely a hidden gem. I grew up here and hardly knew it existed!  Not only was it lush and green but there was actually water in it! Like enough to have people fishing and swimming. This is what most of the trail looked like-

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But.. there was about a mile stresch that was next to the freeway. Literally, next to the freeway-

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And at the end of our trek was Golden Road Brewery. It was our first time there and we were super impressed. The beer was cold, the food was delicious AND there was a photo booth. A plus.

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After lunch and a delicious brew it was time to get back on the saddle. One of the most surprising things was that there were kayaking excursions going on in the river. I was telling Steve we should sign up, and I snapped a photo while biking by. It wasn’t until I uploaded the photos that I saw the sign that the guy was holding up- apparently there is some controversy over the uses of the river. Controversy aside, it’s awesome to have a little river retreat right outside of the city. We will definitely be going back.

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right now: honeymoon planning

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this place wouldn’t suck.

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