Photo of the day: Volume IV

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Because roman numerals make everything fancy.

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In 2011 I made a resolution to take a photo every day of the year on my iphone, and I’ve been doing it ever since! I take my favorite photo each day, use PicLab to add a date on it and then post it to Instagram. At the end of each year I use Blurb to put together a mini album with each photo from the year to make m own little personal yearbook.

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Now that I have a little collection, I keep them stacked up in my living room. I love flipping through and reliving moments both big and small. One of the things I love about the photo a day process is that it places equal importance on each day. Days where I’m on an awesome adventure are right there next to days where I worked late and the most interesting thing in my day was my coffee. On days like that it can be hard to remember or to find something to take a photo of, but that’s what it’s all about. It forces me to be aware and thankful for each day and what it has to offer. Some days are super exciting and it’s easy to take tons of photos, other days it’s almost bed time and I panic and thank God that I have a cute dog for a last minute snap. But no matter what, I’m there looking for meaning in each day, thankful for beauty in the obvious and the seemingly mundane.

So without anymore sap, here are some excerpts from 2015 photo a day!

spices (3 of 19) spices (4 of 19) spices (6 of 19)
spices (5 of 19) spices (8 of 19) spices (9 of 19) spices (10 of 19)
spices (11 of 19) spices (12 of 19) spices (13 of 19) spices (14 of 19)
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Haiku Challenge

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E V E R Y W H E R E -

My awesome friend Amanda came up with the idea of doing a Haiku challenge. The gig is simple- each day, write a Haiku based on a pre-determined topic. The topics are random and fun, everything from Love to Quinoa. Each day we post our haiku’s on a google  doc so the group can see everyone else’s poem. It’s really interesting to see how everyone interprets the topic in their own way. Sometimes the haikus are funny, sometimes very personal, and sometimes they are magically powerful for just seventeen syllables. {Confession: I had to do a haiku refresher when this first came up to confirm the 5/7/5 syllable pattern. It’s been a while!}. I started taking accompanying photos of the topics and overlaying my haiku texts, like my haiku on Books, shown above. Maybe at the end of the month I’ll make a super small haiku book with the months collection. If you haven’t written a haiku in ten years like me, you should totally try it! Five minutes a day and weirdly therapeutic! Thankful for fun and creative friends today.

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I love LA

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Awesome time lapse of my favorite-est city!  For your Tuesday viewing pleasure :)

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