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 Project Life. Catch Up Session. January, 2012





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Project Life. January, 2012.

Hello, Project Life.

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I am officially a “project lifer”. I have always been a scrapbooker but my process has morphed over the years. I used to do traditional scrapbooks, then went to digital, and then last year went to something in between. It’s fun to try new things, so when I kept hearing about project life and seeing it featured on many of my favorite blogs, I decided to give it a whirl.  I searched around and found some really good deals on HSN and then at Hobby Lobby so I was able to stock up on supplies relatively inexpensively. If you don’t know about Project Life you can read about it here.

I’m definitely still getting used to using the set format and the inserts so each spread probably takes way longer than it should. Part of the problem is that I am playing some major catch up- as in ALL of 2012. Yikes. One day (when pigs fly) I will be scrapbooking  the past week instead of the past year! Anyways, better late than never! In better news, since I have been blogging it’s been way easier to look back at old posts and remember details of events which I may have forgotten.  Which is part of the reason I have been documenting going-ons  in my weekend round ups. The hardest part of retro-booking is remembering the fun details of events which I think are what makes scrapbooking so special.

The other thing I worried about was my terrible handwriting. This used to bother me, but instead of resorting solely to stickers and stamps I have chosen  to accept it. The pages don’t look perfect, but hey that’s me. At the end of the day it’s about documenting life in all its goodness, and not about displaying perfection. So here it is. My not so perfect Project Life. Posts to follow.

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on cats

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Warning to cat lovers: you may disagree with my views. Warning to my little sis Sarah: this post is in your honor, and you most definitely will disagree with my views :)


There is about negative zero risk that I will ever become a weird old cat lady. I may become a weird old lady- but cats just aren’t my thing. I did have one cat I loved growing up, but most others I have seen just want to be fed and left alone. Case in point: cat pictured above. Cedric, aka my little sister’s pride and joy. He may look harmless, maybe even cute…. and then you try to pet him…



Not so cute anymore are we Mr. cat?  All joking aside I have to admit that this cat is pretty awesome- just not as a cuddle buddy. I did get a kick out of photographing his amazing facial expressions though! Too funny.

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