Was your Valentine’s weekend spicy?

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Mine was! Thanks to the crew over at RawSpiceBar who sent me an awesome sampler of their  monthly spice box.

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RawSpiceBar is everything one wants from a monthly subscription service- unique, high quality and affordable. Each month they send out a spice box with three spices from around the globe, usually with a regional theme. My little package arrived with three freshly ground Norwegian spices in it: Gravlax, winter herbs and gingerbread spices. I’ve never even heard of Gravlax before (and I’m part Norwegian!) so it was fun to expand my spice horizons and try something new.

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The spices are each came individually wrapped and labelled with detailed descriptions of the spice and how to use it. The package also included a small recipe booklet with chef recommended dishes for each spice.

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At only $6 a month this is one of the most affordable subscription boxes available. Definitely a great gift idea for your foodie friends or that person who has everything. My only wish is that the little packages were re-sealable in case you don’t use all the spice at once. A small issue I easily overcame with the power of ziploc baggies!

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Now I just need to find a stellar gluten free gingerbread recipe to try.. any suggestions?



Summer ’13 List: Beach Yoga

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I love yoga. I love the beach. So I kind of knew that I would love beach yoga- and I did! I found “Brad’s beach yoga” on Yelp and the reviews were all really positive. It’s every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 in Santa Monica at lifeguard station 29. My sister and I ventured to the Westside on Saturday to give it a shot. I was bummed that it was over cast but it was still warm out and the sun did eventually make an appearance. In retrospect it was nice to have some cloud coverage or it would have been too bright and hot to relax. About twenty people showed up for class. It was a great change to be on the wide open beach with the breeze on your face. Usually I’m practicing in a crowded studios where I am constantly worried about hitting someone in the face on the mat next to me. Having the ocean in front of you and the sound of the waves in front of you added a whole new element to the practice. I had never practiced yoga outdoors before and it just felt so right. At the end of class you walk down to the waters edge and do downward dog so that you are looking at the ocean through your legs as the water comes over your feet and hands. Such a neat and unique experience! The yoga practice overall was good. Brad is an enthusiastic and friendly guy who knows his stuff. It definitely wasn’t as challenging as some classes you will go to, but he does give you the option to do more advanced things if you are feeling it. Overall a really amazing and relaxing experience. At class he announced that he also does sunset yoga which I definitely want to try! Here are more details if you want to check it out. Two thumbs up.

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Summer ’13 List: Rose Bowl Flea Market

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Last weekend we went to the Rose bowl flea market to check off #8 on my summer bucket list. Wow. I knew the flea market was large but it was way bigger than I remembered! There was stuff everywhere. Lots and lots of stuff. Some cool stuff like old camera lenses and vintage furniture. Some weird stuff like used dentures and an old CPR practice doll. And then every kind of stuff  in between! If you are looking to go here are some ways to make the most out of it:

1. Wear sunscreen: It was HOT out there. No shade in sight.

2. Bring sustenance: If you are a go getter you might be there a while- they did have some vendors selling your usual stadium fare of hot dogs and popcorn but if you would rather spend your money on vintage goods than overpriced food I recommend bringing a snack.

3. Take a reusable bag or cart: Most vendors offer plastic bags but it gets hard to hold things- especially if you buy something heavy.

4. Get there early. Or late: it gets super crowded and the best items are picked off in the morning, and best deals are available at the end of the day.

5.  Bring cash: You will need it! There are ATMs around but who wants to pay fees?

Here is the website if you want more info and dates.

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