Weekend Round Up

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This weekend was just what I needed. After fighting Coachella lung -aka a gnarly sinus infection- all week, I was itching to get out of the house but also wanted to take it a little easy. Friday night Steve took me out on a dtla date night. We started off at Buzz for flight night which is always a hit. It’s only ten bucks and you get to try out 6 or so microbrews. It’s also a fun place to hang out, and only a few blocks away from our place- major bonus.

weekend round up 4 21-2

After some brews we went and tried out Colori Kitchen an Italian restaurant nearby. The food was decent but the service was suuuper slow! I’m usually not one to complain but I literally think we waited for an hour and a half to get our food. Thankfully we weren’t in a hurry and enjoyed some beverages and conversation while we waited. When our order finally did came they comped our drinks and dessert so it all worked out in the end. Needless to say we were a little buzzed afterwards- thus the awkward elevator selfie below that I find hilarious.

weekend round up 4 21-3

Saturday we celebrated my dear friend Lauren’s birthday. A group of us ladies took a limo and went wine tasting drinking in Malibu. It was GORGEOUS out and we had a ball picnicking and chatting as us ladies do. The time and wine flew by and we took the limo to Santa Monica for dinner at another little Italian joint, Fritto Misto. The boys met up with us there with yet more wine. Let’s just say the photo at dinner is appropriately blurry. Fritto Misto is delicious and it was so fun celebrating our friend and catching up with everyone. Afterwards we went to West 4th and Jane for a nightcap and some Connect Four before heading home well before midnight. Wine will do that to you! weekend round up 4 21-6

weekend round up 4 21-7

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weekend round up 4 21-9

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Sunday I got the chance to catch up with Shawna who was in town for work. We had a yummy brunch with fun champagne cocktails at The French Garden, a cute outdoor French bistro downtown that I had been wanting to try.  Afterwards we crossed the street to Bottega Louie for some treats. It was also CicLAvie , an annual event where they block off streets from Downtown to Venice for bikers and pedestrians. The path went right down our street and it was nuts to see thousands upon thousands of bikers cruising the streets all day. Pretty cool! It definitely put the itch in Steve and I to go out and finally buy some bikes of our own! Well done weekend, you rocked.

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Me Undies Review

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I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t love getting “fun” mail. Fun mail meaning clothes, letters, invites or anything that breaks the monotony of the bills and junk mail that usually fill our mailboxes. That’s one reason why monthly subscription clubs are such a big hit- it’s exciting to know that you have something “fun” coming in on a regular basis!

Me Undies Logo

I recently received a “fun” package from  MeUndies, a subscription mail club for underwear. The package included three pairs of undies. The different colors and cuts were super cute and also very comfy! Bonus? If you subscribe monthly you get 20% off. Check plus.

Me Undies bag with contents

Me Undies-3

If you love fun underwear or just dread having to go to a store to shop for it, then  this is the subscription for you!

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Old and New Favorites: The Body Shop

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You know the saying “make new friends but keep the old”? I think the same wisdom applies to skin and make up products. Every girl has her go to items, but if you don’t try new products then you may miss out on something awesome. So when I went to The Body Shop in the Denver Airport (flight delay= great excuse to shop) and found out they were having a BOGO sale, I decided to “make new friends”.


1. Aloe Face Wash, $16.00   2. Camomile Make-Up Remover, $15.00  3. Aloe Lip Care, $9.50   4. Vitamin E Cream, $21.00


The old friend in this equation is the Camomile eye make up remover. This stuff is liquid gold when it comes to removing even the most resilient eyeliner without the oily residue or harshness like some other removers. I love this stuff and haven’t found another product that even closely compares. Also, it comes in a large bottle that will last you around a year for just 15 bucks! Win.

Now on to the new friends. I have sensitive skin that at the time of purchase was  destroyed from the cold and wind, so I bought all moisturizing products. The face wash is okay, it foams nicely and is gentle, but I don’t love the smell and think good old Cetaphil works just as well for the price.  The Vitamin E cream was great on my chapped skin but is definitely a very heavy moisturizer and probably too much for daily use- especially in California. The Aloe lip care on the other hand is a keeper! I am a lip balm fiend and this has skyrocketed to the top of my list. It provides a ton of moisture, no stickiness, and has a nice medium gloss look. I definitely recommend it.

Have you discovered any stellar new skin care products lately?

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