My flying essentials

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Hello from Hong Kong!

LAX–> HKG – 15 hours. Thank goodness for Economy Plus and that 6 extra inches of delicious leg room. I still gave dirty looks to people in the lay flat beds in business, but not being sardined in economy is upgrade enough for this girl. With or without the luxury of an upgrade, there are a few essential items for long flights that will make your journey far less treacherous.  Here are my Top 5 must haves to survive long flights:

Sound Cancelling Headphones: does this really need an explanation? Engines, babies, the guy who thinks it is somehow okay to play Candycrush with the sound on next to you. Bye! I got these bad boys for Christmas from the husband- total game changer!

Snacks: Airline food. More risky than the lotto. Be scared and be prepared. Go Picnic is one of my favorite grab and go airplane snacks. They sell them in the airport/grocery stores/amazon and have gluten free options too! No more risking it on the mystery meat.


Water: yes they have water on the plane, yes they rip you off when you buy it at the airport, and yes I still think you should buy a few bottles to bring along. Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to fight the dehydrating effects of flying. I’m not a doctor and I’m not your mother so I won’t lecture you-  but drink tons of water! Especially for those of us who want to enjoy a glass of vino or two- just to calm the nerves of course.

Neck Pillow: I used to judge people who lugged neck pillows with them on flights. Nerds! Well I have proudly joined the ranks of neck pillow nerdom. I found “the one”. Yes, there is a huge difference in brands and quality when it comes to neck pillows. Do your research and try it before you buy it. Everyone has a different neck and head so find one that fits you right. You and your neck will thank me. Bonus for the new neck pillows like this one I bought that smashes down to a compact carrying size.

Vitamin E Oil: This Body Shop Oil is my go to, but Moroccan Oil or an intense hydrating cream will probably work just as well. Basically an airplane is a moisture sucking vortex and your skin is in the front lines of battle. I apply a few drops of oil on my face and neck a couple times during the flight and it helps fight the dry and red skin I usually get post flight.

What’s on your must have flight list?




not pictured yet also essential:

valid passport/patience/sense of  humor/pleasant seat neighbors/zero crying babies/patience/in flight wifi/crossword puzzles/mags/patience/a seat far far away from the bathroom


and I’m back!

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I had the most amazing trip!!   The adventure started in India. I went as my Mom’s date to a family friends wedding. It was really special to spend quality time with her and exploring the crazy world that is India together. The Taj Mahal was definitely a highlight. And then there was the wedding which was totally ridiculous! So huge and ornate and a ton of fun.  After ten days in India I took off for London to stay with one of my dearest friends and celebrate her engagement. I haven’t been back to England since I studied abroad there about 7 years ago. I loved visiting my old stomping ground- and stomping on some new ground as well!

It felt amazing to take a few weeks off of work to unplug and relax. Even with jet lag I’m feeling inspired and excited to get back to blogging and creating. Anyways, more details -and photos- to come. For now, I’m off to do some major laundry…

love and candy,



Flying solo. Abroad.

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In London I had a few days on my own while mi amiga was working. It was my first time doing the whole solo tourist thing and I loved parts of it, and hated others. I for sure learned some things about myself along the way. Here are a few of my thoughts on the pros and cons of a tourist party of one:

Pro: Stopping as many times as you want for coffee or dessert without getting judged

Con: Eating way too much of said dessert because there’s no one to share with

Pro: Spending as much or as little time at a museum exhibit as you want

Con:  Not having anyone to discuss how amazing or not a museum exhibit was

Pro: Freedom to make and change your plans as often as you like

Con: Asking strangers for directions because you are spatially challenged and alone

Pro: Seeing everything you want to see

Con: Mastering the selfie to prove you saw it (i.e. above photo)

Pro: Enjoying a pint at a local pub all on your own and feeling very liberated.

Con: Enjoying a pint at a local pub all on your own and feeling very alcoholic.

 love and candy,