Project 23/52: recycled vase candle

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vase candle title

Upcycling is where it’s at. When I get flowers in vases I get sentimental and never want to throw them away. Instead they sit in the cupboard until I eventually toss them or occasionally actually use them for flowers.  I’ve gathered quite the collection, so I was glad that I finally go to put one to good use. As you’ve probably noticed, I’m admittedly obsessed with making candles these days. I blame it on the giant 5 pound bag of wax I accidentally ordered. That’s a lot of candles begging to be made!  The vase I chose to make into a candle is large but not huge- so I still only used one wick. If you use a larger vase you will probably need a longer burning wick or two so that it can handle all the wax. I followed the same process I did here, but had to get creative with a bag clip to keep the wick straight because it didn’t come past the mouth of the vase.

vase candle-5 vase candle-3 vase candle-2

This one has a new home on our coffee table so I can stare at it while we work on our Breaking Bad marathon!

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Project 21/52 : Orange you glad..

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…you kept those old Crayola crayons around? Turns out they are all you need to turn a plain white candle into a fun wow candle!


In case you missed my first candle making adventure, you can read about it here. To add color I just grated up a crayon into the wax before melting it down. How easy is that? The one difficult part is trying to figure out what the final color will be when the wax dries. This candle is the result of one bright orange crayon. When the wax was melted it looked bright and dark but the dried result looks almost pinkish. I kind of like the salmon-esque color so no biggie, but if you are planning on making a matching accessory, test a small amount of wax before you commit. Worst case, you can always melt the wax back down and add more color!

colored candles

colored candles-3

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Project 20/52: DIY napkins

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diy napkins-7

I have been a bad blogger super busy lately, so you may have missed that I was a bridesmaid in a (gorgeous!) wedding a few weeks back. The bride included so many details that made the wedding unique and fun- like an actual cheese cake. As in wheels of cheese instead of layers of cake. Obsessed. She also picked out cool print fabrics they used for linens.  The morning after the wedding they were getting rid of the extras and my friend kindly donated them to me. Score! The fabric was already cut in napkin size squares so I thought up  a quick DIY upgrade.

diy napkins

If you plan on trying this out- which you should- cut your fabric in squares around 18 x 18 to get that luxurious restaurant feel. Once you have your squares, fold each raw edge under 1/4 inch twice and pin. If you are new to sewing or are working with unruly fabric, using an iron to make the hem will make your life easier. Once you are all pinned just sew around the entire edge to prevent fraying. I recommend a zig zag stitch for both looks and longevity. I chose white thread but it would also be fun to mix it up with a contrasting color.

diy napkins-2

diy napkins-3

Once the sewing was finished I used fabric markers and stencils to write “eat” on each of them. This would also be a perfect monogram project to use as a housewarming gift!

diy napkins-4

diy napkins-5

diy napkins-6

 Bonus: the whole project only took a few hoursI’m totally crushing on the results!

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