Project 13/52 : Bleach Shirt DIY

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bleach shirt DIY

bleach shirt DIY-2

bleach shirt DIY-3

bleach shirt DIY-6

Such a fun and easy project. Take an old t-shirt or tank and use painters tape to come up with a design. You can also use chalk if you want to write or draw something. Use a paintbrush to add the bleach as desired, let dry and voila! It takes a few hours for the bleach to develop and dry, and depednign on the material and how light you want it, you may want to reapply. Also the bleach bleeds a little bit so make sure you chose a pattern that’s simple enough that it doesn’t matter. This is also a great way to salvage shirts that might have stains on them- just bleach them out!

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Project 8/52: World Map Cork Board

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I  love the idea of tracking travels with a world map and pins. It’s fun to visualize where you have been, and dream up future adventures abroad. When I looked around to buy  a corkboard map, I couldn’t find anything I liked. Most of the ones on the market fell into one of two categories- too expensive or too formal. I wasn’t ready to invest hundreds of dollars and although traditional maps are gorgeous, they don’t go with the modern decor of our loft. So I decided to try and create my own. Sometimes if you want something done right, you just gotta do it yourself!

DIY pin map supplies


After much searching, I found a black and silver map that matched the  modern aesthetic I was aiming for. Then I picked up an inexpensive frame and some cork board to put behind the map. The first time I attempted to put it all together I used Modge Podge to stick the map and cork together. Huge mistake! The map is super thin and the liquid made it crinkle up. DIY fail.  Thankfully the map wasn’t expensive, so I ordered up a new one and tried again. This time with the help of a good old stapler I succesfully secured the map to the cork board and put it in the frame.

cork board map DIY

Then we pinned away. We decided to map the places only one of us has been (white for me, blue for him) and where we have both been or been together (red).

pin world map

world map-5

world corkboard DIY

I’m looking forward to adding to the map and to the adventures associated with doing so!

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52 Projects: Audio Wave Form Art

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Steve is quite the audio buff and has been getting really into producing music of late. He is always fiddling around with audio equipment covered with knobs and switches, making cool sounds.  This past weekend he was working on said sounds and I was crafting, playing around with buttons on a black canvas. I was looking at the cool wave forms from his music and got the idea to use the designs to make some art. I had Steve record himself saying the word “love” and took a screen shot of the wave form of his voice- pictured below.
Love Audio wave form art

I traced the waveform from my computer screen onto a piece of paper. Printing is a more accurate/aesthetically pleasing way to do this  but I was inpatient and didn’t want to use up my dwindling black ink- so good old paper and pencil won out.

Wave Form Trace

Clearly I wasn’t going for accuracy, just an idea of the outline that I could use as a guide to laying out the buttons. Then it was just a matter of placing all of the buttons in the pattern and in an order I liked and gluing them on. It proved challenging to be accurate on the tight curves because I had a small canvas and relatively large buttons to work with. Even though it’s far from a perfect replica, I love the way it turned out, and think it’s special to be able to see the sound of love.

Love Wave Form Button Art

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