engagement gift inspo

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My girls are dropping like flies! In the best way possible. Yes, ring watch 2014 is in FULL effect. Five of my good friends have gotten engaged in the past three months! It’s such an exciting time and fun to go through the wedding planning process and excitement together. When I got engaged I was overwhelmed with the outpouring of good wishes, sweet cards and thoughtful gifts. Now it’s my turn to do the shopping and there are so many cute options out there! Here are a few of my favorites from around the web.

Photo Collage (1)

 from left to right: 

1. his & hers hometown heart map

2. monogram cheese board

3. established on custom pillow

4. glass initial coaster set

5. personalized champs flute 

6. hand painted ring dish 

love and candy,


engagement aftermath

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engagement aftermath

the afterparty

After I said yes, we danced around the apartment  in excitement before he told me it wasn’t over yet. He allowed me to change (I was still in my work clothes!) and got me in the car. I kept trying to guess where we were going but was confused when we headed towards Venice. Then we turned onto Abbott Kinney and I saw the sign for The Brigg. The bar where we randomly met three years ago. We hadn’t been back since, and it was the perfect way to nod to the past as we looked to the future. When we walked in we were greeted with screams of congratulations and champagne . Steve arranged for my family and close friends to be there to celebrate. It was so special. To share in the joy with your nearest and dearest. Perfection. My adorable friends had buckets of my favorite candy on hand, and even made a cute sign. They had been there all night reserving the place, and had known for over a week about the plans! You sneaky friends!

engagement aftermath-5

engagement aftermath-7



the ‘moon

After a long night of celebrating we headed home elated.  I woke up Saturday with a headache- perhaps a little too much champs! I had plans to go wedding dress shopping for one of my besties and forced myself out of bed early. The surprises weren’t over yet though! In reality my weekend plans were fake! Steve was taking me away for the weekend to San Diego  for an “engagement-moon” of sorts. We took the train down so we could relax and brought our bikes along. We stayed at the Hyatt in downtown San Diego, right on the water. It was the best time. We ate and drank our way through the Gaslamp district and took a ferry to Coronado and biked along the water. And 70 degrees in January? Check plus.

engagement moon

engagement moon-3

engagement moon-4

engagement moon-6

engagement moon-8

engagement moon-9

engagement moon-10

engagement moon-11

engagement moon-12

So excited to be marrying my best friend. Now for wedding planning…

love and candy,


he asked, i said (absolutely) yes!

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This weekend I got engaged to my best friend and soul mate. I feel incredibly blessed. I’m usually not a big sap, but getting engaged will bring it out in you. SO if you are sick of hearing about engagements, hate love, or just don’t care, consider this your warning! Otherwise, read on.

first photo engaged-2

the engagement

On Friday my boss kept me late in a meeting. I was slightly annoyed, but Steve and I had decided to catch a late movie so I wasn’t in a rush. Turns out Steve had called him and asked him to make sure I didn’t leave early and ruin the surprise. When I finally got home I immediately knew something was up.  We have giant windows surrounding our door and you can see light through them.  I could see darkness inside and the glow of candles. Lots of them. My heart went crazy. I stood there for a second, and then let myself in. The apartment was filled with candles and 25 dozen roses were scattered through every room. Steve welcomed me home with a hug and a big smile. I waited for him to get on a knee and pop the question- but he didn’t! Instead I stood there (kind of awkwardly, I admit) admiring the set up.

He had made a beautiful meal for us- spinach goat cheese raspberry salad, filet mignon, roasted veggies, and a sundae with drunken strawberries and chocolate shavings. It was the meal he made for me on our second date, when he lost a bet on the USC vs UCLA football game. He recreated the whole scene-  the coffee table was set up with pillows on the floor to sit on, we sipped on the same delicious pomegranate martinis. With dinner he poured  the same wine we had on our first date. He had taken notes so he would remember- heart melted. We ate dinner and talked. My mind was racing the whole time. I fielded awkward comments like- wow, there’s a lot of roses here. Him- yea, I got a little carried away. I even texted my bestie from the bathroom-flowers and candles everywhere, thought I was getting engaged but maybe he is just being really sweet?  Am I nuts? Well I wasn’t. After dinner he asked to show me something. He had put together a slide show of photos of our almost three years together. We laughed at old shenanigans and smiled at all of the adventures we have had.  And then it was time.

first photo engaged

People always say you don’t remember what the person says when they propose. I was determined to remember. But I failed! All I remember is him getting on his knee and saying something like- Past…Future… Love… Forever.. WILL YOU MARRY ME. And I said, absolutely yes.

love love love,