I posted a month or so ago about my obsession with the chain mail trend. I fell in love with these bracelets at Nordy’s by Adami & Martucci. As darling as they are I’m hard pressed to drop a couple hundred on a bracelet. First, I am not a huge bracelet person. Not sure why, but I don’t end up wearing them that often. Second, if I am going drop some dough on jewelry it’s usually because it’s a timeless piece, not a seasonal trend.

So you can imagine my glee when I came across this knock off for a fraction of the price while perusing the fashion district. Now I can rock the trend AND buy thirty other bracelets for the same amount! :)

mesh on the cheap mesh on the cheap-4

mesh on the cheap-3

mesh on the cheap-2


p.s. it is super awkward to take photos of ones own wrist. please excuse the strange hand poses! :)

love and candy,