There is an amazing restaurant called WoodSpoon just a few blocks from our place. In addition to having delicious food they also serve a carafe of cinnamon water to each table when you sit down. It sounds a little strange but is actually extremely refreshing and tasty. I became obsessed and vowed to make my own cinnamon water magic. First I bought some carafes with lids on them for easy storage, then got to work researching.

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I searched online for some recipes and quickly found that there really isn’t anything to it. You literally just dunk cinnamon sticks in water and then chill to your liking. The more cinnamon sticks  and the longer you chill it the stronger the cinnamon flavor will be. You can get some flavor after just a few hours but I prefer letting it seep overnight. I played around with the amount of cinnamon and decided that I liked it best with two sticks per carafe. Some websites suggest heating up the cinnamon in the water before chilling to help release the flavor and color. I gave it a try and it does give a nice rose tint to the water and really steps up the flavor level. Although the color was nice, I personally don’t think it’s worth the extra step- or pot to clean!


Steve and I are both totally hooked on our cinnamon water. I keep some carafes in the fridge and also have been pouring it in smaller bottles for us to take to work. It’s a great substitute for soda and helps satisfy my severe sweet tooth. On top of being tasty and refreshing, cinnamon is also touted as having a bunch of health benefits! Now that’s what I call a win-win.

Confession: I had to spell check cinnamon multiple times while writing this post.

 love and candy,