it’s been three weeks since i moved in with steve and i get a lot of questions on what it is like “cohabitating”. so far it’s been a lot of fun- coming home to the person you love every night is awesome. not having to pack an overnight bag and commute to each others places- also awesome.

there are of course, some normal hurdles to overcome- who will do the laundry? how often?  do we really need all those throw pillows on the bed (the answer of course, is yes!)? but we are working towards a new routine together- our routine, and it feels great.

I posted this comic on facebook that I saw on The Oatmeal and thought I would share it again here:

 long story short- i am so happy with my decision and wouldn’t trade it for anything. with a little patience and some open dialogue cohabitation can be blissful!

love and candy,