We just finished our  one month Crossfit challenge!  I have to admit, I’m surprised at how much I like it! I love that every day the workouts are different and always challenging. Every single time I leave class with that “wow I just got my butt kicked” feeling. I’m constantly sore but somehow also have more energy than usual. Before I started I was concerned about not being able to do a lot of the movements but they scale everything to your individual level so its doable. Steve loves it even more than me and it’s fun to see him so excited about it. It’s also nice to have him as a live-in gym partner to motivate me on those days when the couch is calling my name.

After a month of classes we are still trying to pick up on all of the movements and correct forms.   Between snatches, cleans and dead lifts- it’s  like learning a new language! We decided to stick with it for another month because we are enjoying it and still learning so much- then who knows!

Here is a video by CrossFit about CrossFit if you are curious about what it’s all about.

love and candy,