As my sisters wedding quickly approaches, all sorts of little details are coming up. One such detail is table assignement cards. I thought of the idea of using shipping labels attached to a key with the name and table assignment on the tag. I had seen something similar at a relative’s wedding and thought it was super cute. After doing some research we decided that we preferred the old fashion look of the tea died tags, but didn’t want to pay the premium to buy them that way. I had some shipping tags laying around and decided to give tea dying a try. After watching a few YouTube videos on tea dying and convincing myself it was as easy as it looked, I gave it a go. Here is the gist of it.

Make tea.  Very dark tea.  Submerge paper item into tea. Wait. Wait more. Use tea bag for added texture. Let dry. Enjoy.                            


The results:

                                                                                 Love and Candy,