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Image by Sarah Natasha

It’s a challenge to figure out something unique and useful to give your bridesmaids on your wedding day. Just spend a few minutes on Pinterest and it seems like all the good stuff has been done- a lot! I knew I wanted to get my girls each a nice necklace to wear and some pj’s to get ready in but I also wanted to add a little something special. I don’t remember how or when I thought of it, but all of a sudden I was ordering elastic off the internet and making elastic hair ties. I chose a bunch of fun elastics in some of our wedding colors and got to work.

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If you’ve made hair ties before you know how easy this is. Literally just cut, tie, repeat. I ordered my fold over elastic (FOE) here. The prices were great and so was the selection. To further personalize things I printed little 2 x 3 cards that said “for the dance floor” using card stock and my hearty old inkjet printer.

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One piece of cardstock was a little too flimsy to support the elastics without bending so I doubled up and used scrapbook tape to hold the two cards together. To finish things off I used a photo corner punch to round out the edges and made quarter inch indents on either side to hold the elastics in place.

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bridesmaids bands-2

bridesmaids bands

I love the way they turned out and hopefully they are something that my girls will use long after the wedding for many nights full of dancing!

love and candy,