It’s official! This Saturday I am bidding farewell (but never goodbye) to the sunny streets of Santa Monica and heading into the big (ger) city of downtown Los Angeles. I’m excited to experience city living and all the new restaurants, bars, friends and adventures that a new place has to offer. I’m excited to be moving in with my soulmate.

To be honest, growing up in LA and going to nearby USC, I never in a million years would have dreamed of ending up living in downtown. Ten, even five years ago, DTLA was strictly a place of business and on the nights and weekends it was a ghostland. The surrounding areas were grungy and dilapidated and kept people away.

Then things changed. People started investing in cool old buildings and new ones too. Staples Center was built. LA Live was built. The Ritz Carlton was built. And so on and so forth. And quickly restaurants, shops and art galleries followed. And as a native Angeleno, I’m excited to be a part of the DTLA “revival”.

Here is a brief article from the NY Times highlighting some of the DTLA “revival”. And here is the loft living we signed up for!

Sweet new digs and a sweet new roomie. Check Plus Plus.

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