On Wednesday the ladies and I hit up The Bazaar at the SLS Hotel for dinner. It was so yummy.


We hit up the bar while we were waiting for our table and started the festivities right with some outlandish cocktails. This picture doesn’t do it justice but I just had to photograph my “magic mojito”. Basically, they mix a mojito and then pour it into a martini glass filled with cotton candy. The CC melts into a delsih syrup and the cocktail was so good! Add candy to a cocktail and you really can’t go wrong!


After our cocktails we started dinner with a “Small bite”. Aka appetizers for one. The top part of the picture are eel tacos.. of which I had none. Seafood is my arch nemesis. Then we had some jicama wrapped guacamole. I could eat this all day, then take a nap and eat more of it. I want to learn how to slice jicama so thinly- I feel like there are so many ways you could incorporate it into cooking.


This is gazpacho, Bazaar style. Or according to the menu “Gazapacho, New Style”. This tasty cold tomato soup comes adorned with flowers and is quite possibly the best gazpacho I have had in my twenty six years on this planet!


Next up was this beet salad. Now, to preface- I have never been a beet-fan. I’m not in love with the texture, nor foods that stain because they inevitably end up on my clothes. However, the table won out and ordered this baby beet salad. My “no thank you” bite turned into “more please” helpings. Really refreshing and great flavors- and colors!


Another dish I was not stoked on but was pleasantly surprising. This is a brussell sprouts with a lemon puree, apricots, grapes, and “lemon air”.


Boneless chicken wings? Check! I loved the serving stones. I want some!


Are you hungry yet? This was sauteed cauliflower couscous. Which was actually quinoa. Confusing and yummy.

20120206-213953.jpg 20120206-214011.jpg

Our caricature board came with tomato bread. Wasn’t a huge fan- but the meats were good.



Aaaand of course- dessert. This was a chocolate mousse with salted caramel and chocolate beads- how can one go wrong? The top right was some sort of creme brulee- but I was too concerned with my chocolate miracle to pay heed.


And a bottle of Petite Syrah to top it all off.


Love and Candy,