E V E R Y W H E R E -

My awesome friend Amanda came up with the idea of doing a Haiku challenge. The gig is simple- each day, write a Haiku based on a pre-determined topic. The topics are random and fun, everything from Love to Quinoa. Each day we post our haiku’s on a google ¬†doc so the group can see everyone else’s poem. It’s really interesting to see how everyone interprets the topic in their own way. Sometimes the haikus are funny, sometimes very personal, and sometimes they are magically powerful for just seventeen syllables. {Confession: I had to do a haiku refresher when this first came up to confirm the 5/7/5 syllable pattern. It’s been a while!}. I started taking accompanying photos of the topics and overlaying my haiku texts, like my haiku on Books, shown above. Maybe at the end of the month I’ll make a super small¬†haiku book with the months collection. If you haven’t written a haiku in ten years like me, you should totally try it! Five minutes a day and weirdly therapeutic! Thankful for fun and creative friends today.

love and candy,