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I’ve been wanting to try Birchbox for a while now, and Santa (aka my sister) was kind enough to check it off my Christmas list. My first box arrived and I’m officially a fan! Kind of hard not to like getting a present in the mail each month with fun treats in it! It’s ten bucks a month and you get a few mini sized items to check out. After the first delivery you fill out a survey about your likes and dislikes and they customize your box to fit your fancy . Here is what my first delivery looked like-

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birchbox (4 of 4)

Benefit lipgloss, nail polish that changes color ( where was this in Jr. High?!) hair protecting spray, perfume and some chocolate to top it off. The gloss and polish were cool, but not something I would typically buy- which is exactly why I like Birchbox. I could use a beauty routine shake up and without a big investment.  The hair protector spray is a Birchbox exclusive and is pretty great, still figuring out if it’s a keeper. But the biggest win was the perfume,  “hello” by Harvey Prince. I put some on and immediately got the “wow you smell great” reaction from Steve. This is a big deal in our household because Steve has less than stellar olfactory senses. Comes in handy when I have garlic breath but its RARE that he notices my perfume. As you can imagine, I have been wearing it constantly since!

love and candy,