I got this awesome candy cookbook for Christmas and have been excited to try some of the recipes. Why did it take me until April you ask? I think I was secretly scared of messing up. Although I eat candy daily, I had never made it before- and it scared me!

With a glass of wine for courage, I enlisted my roomates for a fun filled evening of candy making. We picked an easy looking recipe-one that didn’t require gauges and thermometers or any scary tools- and got to work.

The Ingredients

Sugar. Water. Corn Syrup. Baking Soda. Chocolate. Seriously, thats it. Doesn’t get much simpler than that!

The Dramatic Chemical Reaction

After you stir the corn syrup and sugar mixture until it turns golden brown- you dump in the baking soda and sparks fly. It is 6th grade science all over again. Well, minus the bunsen burners and awkward lab partners.

Let it Pour

After stirring fervently for a few seconds, take the mixture off the heat and pour it onto a lined bake sheet like so..

Chop Chop 

“Saw Saw” might be a more accurate heading. Once the honeycomb is dry (appx 20 minutes) cut up the honeycomb into bite size pieces. I attempted to make diamond shapes but I will warn you- this stuff is super sensitive. You can see all of the crumbles in the picture below. You have to be really gentle when cutting. If you use the serrated knife and go back and forth gently you can slowly but neatly cut your way through.  “Saw saw” might be a more accurate than chop chop.


Ah yes, the best part. Dip the honeycomb pieces into melted chocolate per your liking. If you are like me, that means basically covering up the entire piece with chocolate.


No explanation needed.

How easy was that?! 
Love and Candy,