Can you believe it’s almost February?  January has been a total whirlwind between travel recovery, work catch up and visitors. Well done, January. Meanwhile I am already loving February (pun intended). Here are some of my weekly favorites from around the web. Happy Hump Day!

1. A cupcake stand that can be disassembled for storage AND is dishwasher safe. Now that’s smart.



2. Design solutions for renters -hooray! Excited for the rest of this series from one of my favorite DIY design bloggers.

3. Feeling inspired by Andrew Osokin‘s photography:



3. I love Sugarfina. And for the Valentine’s day haters out there, these look delicious and funny:


5. I’ve been on a wine kick lately (partially because of this project) but this gin grapefruit cocktail looks tasty!
love and candy