Popsicle time that is! One of the great things about getting married (aside from the whole gaining a life partner thing) is that you get all sorts of fun wedding gifts. I used a Williams- Sonoma gift card to pick up a popsicle mold and also a nifty Hario cold brew maker. < I later found the same cold brewer for less on Amazon here >.  Put the two together and you get these delish and easy to make coffee pops.

wedding favors-6

The key for these (and any other coffee popsicle) is that you need to start with a cold brew, you can’t just freeze a pot of coffee. Once coffee gets hot is releases acidic flavors that make the pops taste not so tasty. If you don’t want to spend the $30 or so for a cold brewer, here is a great how-to on making your own cold brew with just a jar and a strainer.

So start with a cold brew! Next chose your flavors. I used almond milk and some sugar free vanilla syrup. You can sub out for regular milk and any flavor syrup you desire, or just stick with a classic coffee taste.

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Here is the mix I used, but once again it’s all about taste preference so experiment with some different strengths to find what you like best.

wedding favors-2-2

3 cups cold brew coffee

2 cups almond milk

8 tsps Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup

wedding favors-3

wedding favors-4

Then it’s time to pour and freeze your pops. Have extra? Drink it, of course.  I recommend using whiskey ice cubes to prevent diluting your coffee- or just drink it quickly.
wedding favors-5

When the pops are finally ready (about 4 hours which feels like forever), add a little flare by sprinkling salt, sugar or something fun on the tip of your pop. I used Jacobsen vanilla bean salt for a little flavor kick.

wedding favors-7

Hooray for summer and popsicles! Do you have any fave popsicle recipes?

love and candy,