lima-grid How on earth is it mid-ish February and I’m just getting around to posting about Peru? Yikes! Well as they say, better late than never. I decided to split the trip up by cities because each city was so unique that it was like taking four mini trips. So let’s start at the beginning, with our adventures in Lima.

To be honest, when we booked the Peru trip, Lima wasn’t at the top of our “excitement” meter. People who had visited Lima gave us mixed reviews and the general consensus was to get in and get out. We still decided to give it a shot and stayed for three nights giving us two days to explore what the capital city had to offer. Thankfully, I can report that we were very pleasantly surprised! Lima is a vibrant city filled with culture, beautiful architecture and great food. Turns out Lima is the “gastronomic capital of the Americas”. Translation: these people make amazing food. Every meal we had was delicious, and even with a few drinks on the bill it was nearly impossible to spend more than 30 bucks on a meal. Not ultra cheap, but you would easily pay triple for a similar meal in the US, which makes the food taste even better :).  In case any of you are planning a Lima adventure of your own,  I would recommend Central or Saqra  (best dessert of my life, literally) for a more upscale dining experience, and Canta Rana or T’Anta for casual deliciousness. Our favorite Peruvian specialties were lomo saltado (me) ceviche (him), and pisco sours (us).

–Moving on from the food rave– we did manage to take in some sights in between meals. We stayed at a cute boutique hotel in Miraflores which was in walking distance of the Municipal Place square where most of the action takes place.   We explored markets, the hipster streets of Barranca, and the beautiful clifftops at Parque del Amor. The next day we ventured into Central Lima for a few hours but aside from the stunning Spanish architecture and some shops, there wasn’t a ton to do/see there. That night we attempted to experience the Lima nightlife and went to a club and eventually ended up at a local bar and dancing with the locals. We were pretty tired though and ended up calling it a night around 1am- before most people were even out! Blame it on the jet lag.

All in all we really enjoyed Lima. I think the key is to stay in the Miraflores/San Isidro area because parts of Central Lima can be dangerous and not as tourist friendly. We were also a little surprised that most people in Lima spoke zero English so we got to practice our rusty spanish skills which was actually pretty fun. Bien hecho Lima!

love and candy,