Last year a big group of us went to Mardi Gras and it was epic.

We didn’t make it to NOLA this year, and when Mardi Gras weekend came around we were all wishing we were there. Steve and I were sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves and decided to throw an impromptu Mardi Gras Party.

So at 6pm we invited a group of friends over for an 8pm gathering.  I used all of the beads and random goodies we brought home from the parades last year to decorate.

Then I decided I would attempt a Kings Cake (not something you want to do last minute for the record).

Rolling out Kings Cake dough

Having never made King Cake before, I figured two hours would be enough to whip up a pastry. I was wrong. I used this recipe which got great reviews, but also required four and a half hours- which I didn’t have. I made some adjustments and the results were tasty, but because I didn’t have the time to let the dough rise properly, it was more of a dense roll than a fluffy pastry. I also ran out of white flour and so had to use half whole wheat flour- which means it was healthy right? :)

It may not have looked the best-but it still tasted great and we all had a  blast!

Love and Candy,