The year is just about half over and our 13 in 13 list is looming over us – we still have a lot to do! Naturally this was a great excuse to mix up some adult beverages (see item 11). We went to Ralphs as we do most Sundays, and I kept my eye out for cocktail ideas. I found my inspo in the juice aisle where these adorable little Martinelli juice bottles were on sale for a dollar each (usually $3). I picked up a bottle of blood orange and a bottle of watermelon lemonade and decided to mix us up some margaritas.

martinelli cocktail

I am a huge margarita fan and there are a million ways to make them. I started with the obvious- tequila!

martinelli cocktail-2

I added some cointreau and because I like my margs on the tart end I opted to add the juice of a lime to each margarita. You can adjust this to half a lime if you like yours sweeter.

martinelli cocktail-3 martinelli cocktail-4

Then add the Martinelli’s. I played around with the proportions and found that half of a bottle or about 5 ounces is perfect. Then just add ice and stir or shake. I usually use giant ice cubes because they have less surface area- which means less diluting your cocktails!

martinelli cocktail-5
1 1/2 Ounces Tequila
½ Ounce Cointreau
1 Lime
5 Ounces Martinelli’sShake or stir ingredients together with ice, garnish and enjoy!Optional: Rim the glass with salt or sugar martinelli cocktail-7

This would probably taste even better with fresh blood orange or watermelon juice, but for a quick and fun treat this worked just perfectly.

love and candy,